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Cash and liquidity management has become more important than ever before. Companies are confronted with the harsh reality that it's increasingly difficult to maintain adequate cash flow and profit margins in a global economic crisis.

For cash management, you need visibility into your current and future cash requirements and global cash positions. Plus, you need reliable insight that helps you better manage your receivables – and identify problems that can arise during the pay cycle, putting your cash flow at risk. Cash management solutions from ATS enable you to develop more timely and accurate forecasts and achieve better control over your global cash balances. And robust analytics and reporting features can empower you to see the overall picture, make more informed decisions, and manage your liquidity and cash more effectively. The software can be customized to provide cash management system to its users which will assist them with following capabilities:

      Easily add payments and receipts
      Set repeating patterns for recurring items
      Create 'what-if' scenarios
      One click reconciliation with bank statement
      View cash flow by day, month and year
      Run graphical cash flow reports
      Integrated invoice booking
      Identify exactly error in transactions
      Summary view and analysis reports.

ATS Cash Manager helps you gain control of your accounts receivable (AR) so the amount and timing of your critical cash flows aren't compromised. For example, solutions for managing billing disputes can help you significantly reduce days sales outstanding (DSO). Cash management solutions give you deeper insight into your cash balances, as well as the ability to more precisely match the sources and uses of cash. You can improve forecasting to enable better decision making.




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